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6 August 1987
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My name is Emily. I love movies, music, and the internet. My favorite band is Silverchair. My love for them is infinite. I also absolutely adore the GazettE. For the record, their guitarists amaze me. And their bassist amuses me. To sum it up: Emily + the GazettE = LOVE. That’s really the only formula worth remembering. Y=MX+B is for losers. I’m an active LJ-er. I post a lot. If you wish to add me, comment here. I like LJ friends almost as much as I like Jason Lee. Should I mention how much I love cussing? I cuss a lot. Oh, I thought I might mention how much I love The Little Mermaid and Silent Hill. Yes, I just mentioned those in the same sentence. It's totally cool--happens all the time. Also, you should know that the Backstreet Boys brighten my life. I am being 100% serious. This is my most treasured possession!
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I climbed Mount [ Reita ] and reached the peak.

I climbed Mount [ Shinya ] and reached the peak.

If I could I would so kidnap [Reita] and take him to Antarctica where his fangirls could not get to us!

Within my Heart
I hold things close. But,
is the one I love the most.





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Charizard is such a WIMP compared to ALMIGHTY REITATOPS.

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